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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide IT management, development and support services help small to medium sized businesses & individuals who need solutions or assistance with their IT systems – and want it delivered in a positive and upbeat way. We eliminate the mystery around IT, and provide reliable and efficient solutions that suit their unique requirements.


Gravity Tech was born to the west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains, with a view to service businesses and local individuals in the technical field.

The aim at Gravity Tech is to improve everything we touch. Because a system should be able to be used without fear of it breaking.

Gravity Tech is 100% Australian owned, and our desire is to use & promote Australian services.

The Owner / Founder

Mark is a university graduate who majored in both web programming and systems analysis & design. He has a love of computers, and gets probably too much satisfaction from setting up and experimenting with code, networks and many various operating systems.

Mark is not just a technical person, he's also a people person and a great communicator. He clearly and easily communicates technical concepts to non-technical people.

Having seen the toll that curt and exasperated developers can have on users, Mark always takes the time to calmly understand the system and users. Enabling him to bring reassurance along with the technical know-how for any situation.