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New Small Business Training

If you've read my previous entry on New Small Business Training from August last year, you'd be aware that I've been slowly working through the course work for the business training I started in the second half of 2019. And in mid October, I received my certificate!

It was a bit of a strange experience to complete assignments for a non-university institution. I would consistently be subtly reminded by my trainer that it wasn't university & I could only get either satisfactory, or unsatisfactory. A big mind set change from the standard university grading of high distinction down.

Too much effort aside, I now officially have a Certificate IV in New Small Business. Which is great - a good experience all round. There was a lot of good information in the course about product development, marketing, management, business structure and the like. And the trainers and mentors have all been very helpful, full of information and fun to deal with.