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18 December 2019 (ver 1)

Cookie Policy

Your Consent and Your Options

By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

You also have the option to prevent cookies from being stored within your browser using your browser settings, but some functions, features or website items may not work as intended if you choose to do so. (For information on how to delete, or prevent the cookies being stored, please see your browser's help page.)

For the sake of simplicity, the term Website will mean a literal website, but also services that are browser based.

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Cookies Overview – An Explanation

Apart from referring to a tasty "sometimes food", the terms cookie and cookies refer to small pieces of data stored on your computer by your browser for the websites you visit.

These pieces of data contain text based information that is then accessible to the website during use. Information that may be stored can range from remembering if the menu is collapsed or hidden between pages; all the way to storing a unique identifier that represents you across multiple websites.

There are two types of cookie; session and persistent. Session cookies are deleted once you close the browser (it is up to the browser to clean these up). While persistent cookies stay around until they are removed by the website or intentionally removed by the browser user (that's you).

There are also two types of cookie issuers, first party – ie: the website you're actively using; and third party – ie: a website that you aren't actively using, but are linked to the website your using in some way. An example of this is Google Fonts; which supplies the font for the Gravity Tech website.

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Gravity Tech's use of Cookies

When you use the Gravity Tech website, we may request that your browser store cookies on your computer for functional reasons. For example:

  1. To enable the website to remember and respect your website specific preferences. These may be either session or persistent.
  2. To help us develop and refine our products and services offerings.
  3. As the website and offerings of Gravity Tech develop and expand, we may include the cookies in our efforts to authenticate users, re-authenticate users, and prevent fraudulent access of accounts.
  4. To provide metrics on website usage.

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Does Gravity Tech use third party services that use cookies?

At the time of writing, no. Gravity Tech does not use any third party services that attempt to store cookies on your system. However, the third party services that we do use may change this without notice.

Current third party services in use include (and their included domains):

  • Google Fonts -
  • Google Analytics - &