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Systems Analysis and Design is broken into two parts: Systems Analysis and Systems Design.

Systems Analysis is the term given to the process of determining the requirements of an existing or proposed system and the role the users play in the system.

Systems Design is the subsequent planning of a "technology free" design that may be implemented at any point in the future using any available or new technology.

Both parts are heavily documented to enable clear communication between not only the analyst and designer, but also the eventual implementors.

When you need a new system for the IT in your business life, it needs to be clearly thought through from an objective perspective. Assumed knowledge needs to be documented. All business rules, even the little incidental ones, need to be included. All while running your business, right?

We can help.

Analysing your system or plans, and designing the system from within it isn't easy, so get in contact with us and we can meet with you and discuss your requirements.