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We only use Australia-based servers, and where possible will support Australian owned companies. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Linux / cPanel Hosting Plans

Humble Beginnings

$8.00 / month

Ideal for small sites, or for the
beginning of something new.

2 GB Storage
Access to 1 CPU cores
Access to 2 GB of RAM
Equivalent to $96.00 a year

Small Business

$15.00 / month

Good for small business.
Great for your wallet.

5 GB Storage
Access to 2 CPU cores
Access to 4 GB of RAM
Equivalent to $180.00 a year

Growth Business

$30.00 / month

A bigger field to run a growing business.
Well suited for eCommerce.

25 GB Storage
Access to 4 CPU cores
Access to 6 GB of RAM
Equivalent to $360.00 a year

Big Business

$60.00 / month

The last station on the track
bound for a custom solution.

75 GB Storage
Access to 6 CPU cores
Access to 8 GB of RAM
Equivalent to $720.00 a year

"One With Everything"

$90.00 / month

When you just want all the things.

100 GB Storage
Access to 10 CPU cores
Access to 16 GB of RAM
Equivalent to $1080.00 a year

Note: Plans subject to change. Invoiced in advance.

Need More?

Custom solutions can comprise of up to 10 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM and 100 GB of storage.

Existing custom solutions:

  • Small ECommerce - 4 CPU Cores, 6 GB RAM, 5 GB Storage
  • Storage 15GB - 2 CPU Cores, 2 GB RAM, 15 GB Storage

Where to Now?

Get in contact with us to set up your new email accounts.

The Limitless Inclusions

Unlimited Bandwidth - The hosting servers are connected to a fully redundant DDoS protected network, powered by Brocade and Extreme Networks appliances. With local connectivity over the 40 gigabit mark, there's no need to think about bandwidth.

Unlimited Email Accounts - You can't run a business without email, and the number of IMAP or POP3 email accounts that can be setup for sending and receiving is without a hard limit.1

Unlimited Databases (MariaDB) - If you're not already familiar with MariaDB, it's a community-developed, commercially supported fork of the Oracle's MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS) - but it's faster and more lightweight. MariaDB is known for providing faster database queries and being compatible with any existing MySQL database.

Unlimited Add-on Domains - Add-on domains allow you to create a completely different website to that of your primary cPanel domain name and display it as the add-on domain without any reference to the primary cPanel domain.

Unlimited Subdomains - Similarly to the add-on domains, the number of sub-domains set up on a single web hosting service is also unlimited.

Unlimited Parked Domains - A parked domain is a domain that shows the same website as your primary cPanel domain name, essentially "parking" it on top of your existing website.

Unlimited FTP Accounts - The number of FTP Accounts that may be set up with your web hosting account is also not limited.2

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The Good Stuff

Uptime Guarantee - 99.99%.

Storage Type - High-Speed SSD Storage.

HTTPS SSL Certificate - Free DV SSL Certificate. You can also use your own SSL vendor.

Fortinet Hardware Firewall - The datacenter service provider has partnered with Fortinet; the world's leading provider of hardware firewalls. This offers additional protection from malicious attacks, such as DDoS and similar attacks.

Up to 50MB/sec Disk I/O Speed - This higher disk I/O speed helps prevent disk access bottlenecks while delivering mutiple concurrent websites. (Based on 100 GB storage, 15 GB and down see 8GB/sec)

AutoSSL SSL Certificates - cPanel's AutoSSL service allows us to set up a Free SSL Certificate on your web hosting services. Certificates are issued by Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo.)

Hourly Backups - All client data is backed up by Acronis Cloud Backup, and will be available to restore at any time.

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The Inevitable Limitations

Inode Limit: 300,000 - The number of individual files that can be stored within any single web hosting service is 300,000. This limit is enforced for two reasons:

  1. To ensure that there are no issues with the scheduled backups; and
  2. To ensure your web hosting service performs optimally.

cPanel Email Limit Per Hour: 1000 - All web hosting service accounts 3 may send up to 1,000 emails per hour without any issues. If you need to send more emails, it is recommended that your email hosting be moved to our dedicated email platform or the M365 email offering.

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1 While the email service will allow a theoretically infinite number of email accounts, the number of accounts, folders, emails and website files will combine together to be counted in the 300,000 inode limit. If you expect to have a very large number of accounts or emails on the server at one time, it's possible you may be better served by a dedicated email service such as that offered by Microsoft (Outlook 365 or Exchange 365).

2 While the number of FTP accounts per cPanel account are not limited, the number of concurrent FTP connections are limited.

3 A web hosting account is the account that holds the individual email accounts.

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