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We love to see people succeed. In fact, we want to help people succeed! Below are a few snippits of how Gravity Tech has helped local businesses achieve their goals.

Business to Business

Marketing Company Focuses on Their Strengths

A Blue Mountains based marketing company wanted to be able to focus on their strengths, and leave the technical aspect of their service offerings to someone who knew it inside out.

By choosing Gravity Tech as their preferred supplier, we now:

  • assist them with any difficult website updates or out of the box requests;
  • handle their hosting & technical support;
  • deploy custom, preconfigured WordPress website templates as a springboard for their productivity.

Support for Local Sole Trader's DIY Website

A local small business recognised their need for a website, but was interested in doing it themselves. When they realised they needed help, they approached Gravity Tech to supply the know-how they needed. This enabled them to keep their costs down while still having a customised outcome.

Gravity Tech helped by:

  • hosting the website on our reliable service;
  • getting the WordPress website deployed and working with a child theme;
  • on a few occasions, doing customised CSS & WordPress child theme adjustments.


Preschool's Parallel Windows

A local Blue Mountains preschool has engaged Gravity Tech to look after their website hosting & maintenance, as well as help them with their computing issues as they arise. Being a predominantly Mac based outfit, the thought of a major Windows virtual machine upgrade wasn't something they wanted to do themselves.

Gravity Tech was able to:

  • upgrade their parallels VM Windows 7 install to Windows 10;
  • diagnose & refurbish their UPS when it inconveniently stopped working;
  • diagnose & fix the printer settings on their Apple Macs;
  • simplify & speed up their website.

Private Mentoring Business Faced IT Roadblocks

A private mentoring business with offices in Penrith & the Blue Mountains was having a few different technical roadblocks within their business.

Gravity Tech was able to:

  • assist them with their Google G Suite accounts & help them move their Google Drive files around. Which enabled them to have a clean and organised fresh start;
  • bring their DNS up to industry standards (DMARC, DKIM & SPF records) to improve the deliverability of their business emails;
  • work with their marketing team to improve their web presence;
  • help them apply for a government grant for remote teaching and provide, set up & install a new video editing / streaming workstation with a professional microphone, digital audio interface & midi keyboard;
  • ensure everyone was in good spirits, by being positive and upbeat!


Home Schooling Network Problems

A local home-schooling family had issues with their home network. There had been multiple attempts to solve various issues. Over time, the network had become more and more complicated - resulting in two internet connections existing, and the family members needing to switch between the two networks depending on which network devices they wished to access.

Gravity Tech was able to:

  • simplify their network down to only one internet connection;
  • resolve the poor connection to their wireless printer;
  • upgrade a Window 8 laptop to Windows 10;
  • address various other issues with individual computers.

Attack of Analysis Paralysis

A member of the community had been putting up with their old laptop for far too long, but was unable to decide what they needed to replace it with. With the large number of options that flood the market they were really struggling to work out which way to move.

Gravity Tech helped by:

  • chatting with them about their laptop, and finding out:
    • what they actually did with it;
    • what they wanted to be able to do
  • taking those requirements and working through what options met them;
  • presenting the best option & thoughts behind why;
  • and purchasing and setting up the new laptop for them.

Note: Working With Childrens Check number may be made available upon request.